Our Brag Sheet - We're Proud of it!


We've sold land to about 2,000 people over the last 12 years.


Here's what a few of our customers had to say about us.



"First and foremost let me state that you are the most responsive person I have ever dealt with, period. And that includes all my clients, employees, friends and hhmmmmm (ssshhhhhh) family. You are making this very easy and I am very comfortable with you... Tony"


"Thank you so much for being so nice. I greatly appreciate you working with me on buying this lot. I wish everyone could be so understanding. Take care and talk to you later. Brenda"


"Hi there, please find check for (His) property... Hope all is well, thanks again -We're happy and excited :-) Donna"


"I received my deed in the mail today. Thanks for getting it out so quickly. Gary"


"Hi, I just visited your beautiful website. I am interested in buying a lot in hidden valley...Tamra"


"Hello, I've looked at your site several times; you do have good bargains, and a wealth of information! Jessie"


"Great site and spent way too much time in there, need to spend more time."


"We sure appreciate your honesty. We will take that lot for the price you are asking. Shawnee"


"Thank you both very much. I look forward to meeting both of you when I visit my property. Diane"


"I love hearing from you. I know someday, God will let me buy a lot there. I am just fixing my finances and I know I will make a decision soon. Please be patient. Keep writing me. Thanks. Maria"


"Thanks,very much. Keith"


"Thanks. A true professional. Terrence"


"Thank you for your frank and straight forward answers to my questions. Todd"


"I really enjoyed your web site! Larry"


"Thanks for your quick response and the info. Sam"


"All the best to you. Thanks for your prompt replies. Buenaflor"


"Hi, I enjoyed your site regarding the property. We are trying to relocate. I thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Keith"


"My wife and I plan to see more of this wonderful place when we get a chance. Larry"


"Thank-you for all your help, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Dan"


"Whew, quite a web site! Yes I'm an agent, I'll keep you in mind if something comes up! Sounds like a winning project to me! Karen."


"Your wife sounds like a lovely person, and you are obviously deliriously happy with her! How lovely! Susan."


That sounds awesome! I will accept your offer. I'm really sorry to have put you through all that. Thanks for your understanding and support. Steve"


"Your website is better than ever!"


"We made it back to Tennessee fine. We thought the place and area was wonderful, we spent the day driving and snooping. We are very happy with our 3 lots. Kevin"


"I am really interested in purchasing at least 3 lots for our 3 daughters. Your description of the property is really very interesting. I sure hope that my husband and I do get the chance of meeting both you of you in the not so distant future. Thanks a lot for your quick response."


"After our various correspondences I can feel that you are a couple we can trust. We look forward to meeting you one of these days when we get to visit Arkansas. Thanks for your assistance and great service! Best regards and have a very happy and productive weekend to both of you! Sincerely, Flor"


"Thanks again for all of your help. Eddie"


"I'm sorry that I didn't write you back last night but we are still thinking about which of the two options you suggested to go with. Thanks for being so understanding and helpful. Brenda"

"Thank you so much for corresponding. I reckon, either way, I'll get back to you shortly. Take care of yourself and don't overwork; get plenty of sleep. Cordially, Bill"


"Extremely quick, informative and a pleasure to do business with (Very Honest)."


"Very professional,helpful,fast, was able to buy what I wanted...A+ people"


"Liked these people so much made them my neighbor! Fast easy land transaction."


"They go the extra mile to make sure everything is right. Rated A++++"


"Very nice people to work with. Courteous and responsive."


"Wonderful people to deal with!! Great prices on land & so easy to buy. A+"


"Great folks, smooth deal. Very easy & complete! I'm glad I didn't miss it!! A+++"


"Great handling of info and great to do business with."


"Would do business with again. THANK YOU! AAA+++"


"Very professional,helpful,fast, was able to buy what I wanted...A+ people"


"Excellent communication on this Real Estate Deal - Thanks Alot! RT"


"Professional Real Estate Seller; Reliable and Trustworthy; Thank you."


"Great people to deal with. Rated AAA+++"


"Extraordinary service, immediate attention to all details, fair and honest! They are offering an exceptional opportunity, they were even concerned about me in Fl. and the hurricane. Super folks!" 


"Wonderful transaction, VERY friendly and helpful! EXCELLENT communication. Will order from again!!! A+++++"


"Excellent deal! Thank you for all of the info I asked for Easy 123 Thanks Again!"


"My deepest thanx to both of you. Very sincere and straight up folks! Tom"




"extremely helpful thankyou"


"Wonderful and honest people to do business with! I would highly recommend them and plan to purchase more from them in the future!"


"You were very understanding and went out of your way to help us. I highly recomend!!"


"No pressure, a pleasant transaction."


"Sunspring was very helpful in the purchase of real estate, they delivered property deed quickly and efficiently. they are very accessible by phone and willing to assist buyers any way they can."


"Excellent Service, you are great to deal with.. Look forward to hopefully dealing with them again soon."


"I am happy with my purchase of a 1/2 acre lot in Cherokee Village, Arkansas"


"First time purchase of real estate online. I had a very satisfactory closing with Sunspring Properties."


"SunSpring Properties is one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time."


"You have been wonderful,they would answer your email promptly and also will answer your phone call. I am very pleased with their company and honesty."
"I was very happy with every dealing I had with Sunspring, I am sure anybody would be happy with their property and services. No complaints from me!! Keep up the good work!!"


"You two are salt of the Earth! Although I have not met them personally, it is though I have known them for many years. I do a number of transactions in buying land over the Internet. These folks are by far the best. They are very personable and provide a followup letter after completing a transaction that just makes you feel warm all over.I'm sure I will do more business with them in the future."


"This company is the best, and I would love doing business with them anytime, they are very prompt with emails , if you have a question , you have an answer the very next morning at the latest,no hassle..."


"Excellent to do business with. I would buy from them again if it met my investment goals. I recommend them to anyone interested in their properties."
"Sunspring has answered all of my questions and included other contacts to questions they weren't sure about (about the area) By far the selecion was the best fraom what was available."


"Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. The property sounds very beautiful (you write an excellent advert!) and I'd like to reserve Lot 10. To avoid currency exchange problems, I'd like to pay for the property using Visa. This is my first purchase in the US and I look forwarded to discovering more (maybe buying more!) in the Ozarks. Kind regards, Calum" (New Zealand)


"Hello, I've looked at your site several times; you do have good bargains, and a wealth of information! I look forward to hearing from you. Good Wishes, Jessie" (Ireland)


"Well there is nothing wrong with canoeing... I trust your wife's instincts...I want my neices & nephews to be able to visit us and the park would be good. - I need my garden and a place for whatever little dog I have at the time... Dianna" (California)


"I just wanted to tell you that your site looks so much better than before. Great work! Thank you for your prompt reply to my chat request. Todd"


"Hi, Thanks for giving me the update on delivery, and please thank your wife for taking the photos. That was very thoughtful. Kind regards, Calum"


"We really appreciate the time you took to go check out this lot it looks wonderful... Jim" (California)


Late night exchange re Cherokee Village:

"Thank you. I am a builder so restrictions are fine with me. Higher fees are also a good sign of a better development. Sounds great, I will tell my wife in the morning. You better get some sleep. Thanks again. Bob fro PA"


"Thank you for rushing my deed to the property. You have been business-like and I have enjoyed doing business with such professional businessmen and women. Tks. Danny"


"Thanks, I'm sure my family will really enjoy this. I have been looking for something like this for some time. Thanks again, Clara" (Illinois)


"I just made the payment online! Thank you for all your help! Maria" (North Carolina)


"Now that we both have new jobs we can afford the set payments. we were very sad when we had thought that we had lost the land and are very happy that it is still there for us to have. if you need more than this first very late payment let me know and i will figure out how much extra a month i can afford till the back payments are caught up. thxs again Dawn" (Colorado)


"Thank you, I appreciate the prompt attention. Debbie"


"Thank you for undestanding! How much is total debt? I will start payments next week. God bless you, Alexander" (Hungary)


"Yes I did indeed receive the deeds. Thank you very much it has been a pleasure dealing with you. Cheers Daniel" (United Kingdom)


"Hi,I was visiting the website and I see the prices have increased. I am glad that I bought my property when I did, but now I am kicking myself in the backside because I didn't buy more. When I got the update that city water and sewer were going into Woodland Hills, I shed tears of joy and of pain. You snooze you lose! Talk to you soon. Terry" (Minnesota)


"I will be mailing out a check for the amount due in full before the end of the week!! I'm really sorry for the delay, but I've been having computer problems!! I appreciate all the support you given me so far and we look forward to meeting you both soon!! Thanks. Steve." (Wisconsin)


"Thank you for the reciept. We are so excited to see the property, we can't wait till November. If we mail you a disposable camera in an self addressed padded envolope could you take pictures of the property and the creek and drop it in the mailbox for us. Thanks again for your help. Mike and Dee" (Florida)


"Thanks for all of your help and I am looking foward to traveling there one of these days to check it out. Thanks .....Eddie & Judy"


"You are very kind. I promise that if there is a problem I will correct it at once. You have my word on that. Again, thanks for your trust, I appreciate the way you do business. Again, my deepest thanks. Jason" (Georgia)


"Thank you so much for another very pleasant buying experience. You are quick, and very honest. I appreciate that. Look forward to more business with you. Jason"


"I appreciate al your patience on this. Thanks for being so responsive. randy"


"Thank you for your very quick response (especially as my mesage must have arrived in the middle of the night)Regards, Tony" (Philippines)


"Hi!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my day! I am really sorry if I caused any problems and thank you for being sooooo nice!! I will definitely leave you positive feedback!!! Again.........I can't thank you enough!!! Dianne"


"Hi and thank you so very much for allowing us to intrude on this important week-end. I wish I had known earlier about the trip and then, of course, I certainly would have given you more time. I promise that we will not take too much of your precious time away from your family. Again my thanks to both (of) you for your help. Diane" (Indiana)


"Hi! I am from VA, would i qualify to buy gifted lots! MAn! I am glad i came to this site. I signed up to get your newsletters! Okay, I want to believe this! can the person visit the properties? Do anyone outside of AR do visit before buying? Do you have any properties left? Rachel"


"This sounds too good to be true! I have already paypaled you the Down! Don't want you to change your mind. Met a woman going to Cherokee Village for the 4th of July. I didn't have to read your ad to know I wanted in. Thanks again. Hinda" (California)


"That would be great. Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to doing business. David"


"i just sent paypal...hope you got it....please let me know if you need anything else....thank you so much..tammy and the boys..." (California)


"I will mail you a money order for the downpayment today. Your information is very helpful. Thanks, John" (Tennessee)


"Thank you all for your time and correspondence. I am very impressed with your style and efficiency in regards to internet transactions. This is my first time having business transactions over the internet and I am relieved it was with true professionals. Keep up your excellent standards and internet site and I will be sure to visit often. Thank you again. Lindsey." (Virginia)


"I appreciate the payment plan very much. Thanks again, for your prompt business like response. James" (New Mexico)


"I am willing to pay cash for these lots, looking forward to spending time in Paradise! Robert"


"ohhhhhh thank you so much... Shawnee"


"Thanks for your timely resonse on our offer. We've been looking on the Internet for three months and you have the clearest photos we've seen. We like the way you do business. Jim & Carol" (Texas)


"I'm writing to ask how much we have left on the lot. Please let me know and I'll be able to Paypal you the final payment! ( I'm so happy) Take care and thanks, Brenda" (Maryland)


"Thank you for understanding. I really appreciate that. Hinda" (California)


"payment for lot..thanks and have a great holiday...this week-end..tammy" (California)


"Excellent Work. Look forward too purchasing again off use in the not too distant future..." (Australia) 


"just completed the survey and gave you very good marks. As you know, I am a big fan of your site, and I am glad to help by giving you a good review. I really do think you have a good site and that you do a good and honest job and give good service. A rarity on the internet. I hope all is well with you. Regards, Mark" (New York)


"Hello, Thanks for the corner lot. I am smiling big!!! Thanks again. Sincerely, Cecilia" (California)


(Yahoo)"Very prompt emails, excellent service, and honest people. Will buy from again. Thanks for the great deal and land transaction."


"Thanks I was afraid to ask ...but thank you that would be very helpfull thanks sincerely Heather"


"Your welcome! Have a good week to you and your wife!"


"Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. Thanks for your patient help and extremely flexible terms. Best regards. Kim" (Texas)


"I resently purchased land from you. I must say it has been a pleasure dealing with you ,you have been very helpfull.Your response with pictures and my receipts was done in a very timely manner.Again i would like to thank you and look forward to buying more land. Thanks Lewis" (Maine)


"okay....i am late with payment ...got so busy this week...kids just went back to school...thanks you guys...hope all is well...your friend tammy" (California)
"Received both e-mails. I agree with your calculations: Thanks again for your professional way of doing business. A pleasure!!!!! Danny" (New Mexico)
"Thank You Very Much!!! James"


"Hello, Thanks for your kindness. Sincerely, Cecilia" (California)


"Thanks, I appreciate it. Dave" (Colorado)


"Sunspring, I will tell my father to place the money into your account tonight, so hopefully it will be transfered in a few days. Thank you for the speedy reply, as always. Ashok" (Virginia)


"I like the way you talk and what I am reading... I live in WI. and only have a little longer to remain here, so I would like to move some where to stay.... Thanks Woody" (Wisconsin) 
"I wish to thank you for the Beautiful Land, I'm sure that I will enjoy it. Eric" (Colorado)


"Your onion soup sounds really great! Hope one of these days my family and I can visit the Ozarks! Have a great weekend! FLor"


"Thank you, for your kind and encouraging words, its greatly appreciated! deborah" (New York)


"many thanks for the opportunity to hold the properties for us that is very considerate of yu, not many would do such......and thats why we will keep in touch with yu.........woody"


"I have been enjoying your updates and certainly appreciate you letting me know about this. Great customer service! Donna" (California)


"Thanks ever so much for your quick action... if i get on the millionaire ever ..hehehe I'll by 3 lots from you all. I will also do some work for you all to spread the word locally of your business... thanks ever so much for your kind help Sincerely Heather"


"Thanks again for working with us and answering all our questions, you have been great to deal with. Looking forward to possibly meeting you this summer. Sincerely, Kimberly" (Illinois)


"Thank you very much for everything I can't wait to come out to actually see it in person! Everything looks perfect as far as the terms go. I am so excited about all of this. Thank you once again! I really appreciate the ability to make payments online that is great and will be my mode of payment each month. Thanks again. Sincerely, Karen"


"I like yur honesty and think yu are ok. I sure wish now i would have made an offer on #11 and#12 . if they were to pop back open in the future let me know....Woody"


"Thanks again for your help. You have been awesome to deal with. Rick"


"I maybe still looking for a second one.... Thanks again , for the working with us to own this beautiful lot........ Vickie"


"Thank you for your patience and understanding. Tom"


"Thanks for your help but quit telling me about that Onion Soup........Love Onion Soup and drool every time I get your email."


"Thank you for holding the land for me and my friend I am not sure about her plans, but I love the area and I don't want to miss out.... OK it's completed. Wow I can't beleive I now have land! Thank you so much! Sincerly, Karen" (Maryland) 


"Thank you so much. You have been so enjoyable to work with, that I would much prefer dealing with you than with anyone else. Thanks again." Chris (Utah)


"Thanks again for the opportunity that yu have given us for the purchase of such beautiful property.....Woody" (Wisconsin)




"Thankyou for the letter, I just received it. Many thanks for the temporary "reserve" you placed on the two lots me and my husband are coming to see, that was very thoughtfull of you, and we greatly appreciated this! Have a wonderfull day! Sincerely, Paula" (Tennessee)


"Thank you for taking such great care of us. Helen and I look forward to a long association. We're grateful for what you have helped us do.... we needed a financial break and investment opportunity after 18 months of dark news. We hope to become your neighbors soon. Dan" (Missouri)


"Hello how are you doing? Great to have met you and your wife. Thanks for all the trouble you went through to show us around and feel at home. Even more I would like to thank you for your latest e-mail/proposal for me to get started. Keep well. Jacques" (South Africa)








"I wish you all the best, and I thank you for a couple of very pleasant and enjoyable transactions. I look forward to those early morning walks you describe so enchantingly someday--maybe we can take them together. Thanks again. Chris" (Utah)




"I so much love getting things (newsletter) from you and wish you were my neighbor. Pamela" (Minnesota)


"Enjoyed the small parcels purchased last year from you. We used the small ones for church raffles. Do you have any of the small, cheap lots left? Thank you, jason" (Georgia)


"I've been looking at your website and I cannot wait to come out there to see the place. I'm interested in a lot. Please reply soon. Thanks, Joe" (Tennessee)
"We are really looking for someplace nice to retire...not too hot/not too cold.....my husband and I have been looking for quite a while. I am in the military and have 5 more years before retirement. So, will be nice to have this paid off and be ready to build. Works out great for us. And, the extra lot is perfect! You have been so nice, patient, professional....it's been a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you for everything and have a great weekend! Ann." (Maryland)


"I have read your e-mails about describing your scenic views and "daily guests from the wildlife". It sounds really beautiful. Hopefully, one of these days we can go there and experience these things ourselves. Thanks With Regards, Flor" (Michigan)


"Thanks for the newsletters. Really appreciate them and they make my day when I receive them. Can't wait for the cam. Sincerely, Bobby" (Nevada)


"Thank you again for your help (love the newsletter very inspirational) Wendy"


"Hi: I am happy to do business with you and the ease with which the deed was completed is awesome and I will definitely recommend you to the best of my friends. Thank You, Uma" (Massachusetts)


"Many thanks, and may God give America strength and courage during our troubled days ahead. Kim" (Florida)


"SunSpring Properties: Thank you for the welcome, and convenient instructions for paying the land loan. Thank you also for the helpful information about the property area at your website and in email. I look forward to paying for this beautiful property early, and I am already enjoying learning about the special area of Highland-Cherokee-Village."
Perhaps one of the best unwritten testimonials we have are the many people who buy land from us, take a look at it - AND BUY MORE!
Thanks folks for all the nice comments, we really appreciate them, we get so busy sometimes but we always pause to share a smile when a compliment like these comes in...

Don't you wish you were here...




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