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Own a Wee Piece of Scotland

As a Land Owner in Scotland you have the right to use the title "Lord" or "Lady".




Christmas, wedding, birthday, christening, important event coming up?

Imagine giving to someone the Gift of a Scottish Estate - and the legitimate title of "Lord"or "Lady" that comes with being a Land Owner in the Highlands of Scotland!


Imagine how the newly-weds, birthday boy or girl, comer of age, or other friends, family, even employees will fondly think of you when they travel to the Highlands of Scotland, stand on their very own Scottish Estate, and snap photos they'll share excitedly for the rest of their lives. They might even take a tent with them, stay a few days, and enjoy the incredible views and walking trails - maybe fish in the nearby loch.
Regardless of the age of the Land Owner, Scots around the Estate will treat them with the respect their ancient Title commands. Surely those you give to will return from the Highlands one day with memories to treasure, ponder fondly upon for the rest of their lives, and photos to share, maybe on Facebook.
And imagine how they'll feel each time they casually mention their Estate in Scotland!
All that you can give to someone for just $ USD.


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Walking path on the Estate



To assist with the development of a conservation project*, and to have a wee bit of fun, we are offering an opportunity for you to buy small plots of land on a beautiful Estate in the Highlands of Scotland. By Scottish tradition, ownership of land allows you to use the courtesy title of Lord or Lady. The regular sized plots measure 100 square feet - large enough for a tent site; the family plots measure 1,000 square feet. You are welcome to come here, camp on your land, enjoy the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, picnic, nature walk, and fish in the loch.


You will be provided with a plot number and details of how to find your land when you visit. You can use the documents you will be sent to obtain a title that is recognized worldwide and was once the preserve of the Scottish landed gentry.

Although you'll be sent all the documents you need to add your title of Lord, Laird, or Lady to various forms of identification, it is plots of land that we are selling. Using your new title is entirely your own decision. Some people are just happy to own a wee piece of Scotland to celebrate their Scottish heritage, confirm their love of the country, or celebrate an anniversary, a wedding or coming of age, or another occasion on the estate they own in the Scottish Highlands.


Buy Land in Scotland 

Each plot can be owned by one person only. The title of Lord, Laird or Lady depends on owning a Scottish Estate. Your spouse or children will need to own their own piece of Scotland to have their own title.


Buy as many plots as you want for family, friends, and gifts. When we receive payment for more than one plot at the same time, the plots will be side by side.


Imagine visiting with your children and taking photos of them standing on their very own wee piece of Scotland! (Or you and your new companion on your honeymoon.) Be sure to bring a small sign for each child who owns a plot to leave their name on their land. There is no age limit on who can own land in Scotland, so your landowner children too will have the right to use the title Lord or Lady. (e.g. "Lady Susan" and "Lord John".) When they're visiting the Estate you and they will be properly addressed by your title and granted the full respect that ancient title commands.

Buy Land in Scotland



Your Document Package


In addition to the right to use the title of Laird, Lord or Lady, and the right to wear the clan tartan, for each plot you buy you will receive:


1.   A high quality, full color, gift folder containing all your documents.
2.   A legal title deed for your land ownership, on velum parchment.
3.   Master Title Deed to change your title on bank accounts, driver's license and other ID.
4.   A map of the Estate and driving directions.
5.   Instructions on how to visit and find your personal plot.
6.   Information and photos of the area.
7.   Lifetime access and use of the footpaths across the entire 2,000 acre estate.
8.   A bumper sticker for you to proudly display your new status.
9.   Access to beautifully crafted Laird’s, Lord’s or Lady’s stationery and business cards.
10.  A fridge magnet to proudly display in your home.
11.  A glossy 10” x 8” photograph taken from your estate.
12.  The right to camp on your plot whenever you want.
13.  A Clan Map wall poster - 24" x 34".
14.  A document certifying that a native broad leaf tree was planted in your honor on the Estate.

Buy Land in Scotland

Answers to some common questions.



Can I change my bank account, credit cards, driver's license?

Yes, we include in each gift pack the legal Master Title Deed accepted internationally to confirm your new title to your bank and any government agencies. You will be able to change your title on official documentation to Laird, Lord or Lady if the documentation has a space for title.

Can I visit my land?

Yes, it is yours after all! We provide you with a map, map reference and full instructions on how to visit the Estate and your piece of it.  Park your car and it's just a short walk along a leafy lane. Look closely in the nearly stream and you may well see salmon running upstream to spawn!


What can I do with the land - can I pitch my tent?

As the new owner, you can come and visit; take a walk, take a photograph of your Estate, and picnic by the river. You will be able to enjoy bird watching, country pursuits and lots of tranquility. You are welcome to plant a tree or scatter the ashes of a loved one. You may even wish to put your tent up and stay for a few days. If there are trees on your plot you will be permitted to camp elsewhere on the estate. The land is zoned as woodland, so development (a shed for example) would not be permitted.


How will I know which plot is mine?

In order to legally transfer the plot to you under Scotland Contract Law, we need to be able to define its location precisely. We do this by providing you the exact GPS location, using the UK Ordnance Survey reference system. The location of each plot is unique. The physical location of each plot is not marked on the ground, though we do not object to you marking it once you have found it. Several plot owners have placed memorial stones, cairns or flags on their plots and this is every landowner's right.

Can I leave my land & title to anyone?

Your land and title can be left to anybody through your Will upon your death, or even sold to someone else if you wish to sell the land - after all, it is yours. There are two covenants on the land. One prevents shooting and the second prevents your Estate from being subdivided.

Now I'm a Lord. Does that make my wife a Lady?

Only in your eyes. The Title of Lord, Laird or Lady depends on owning a Scottish Estate.  Your spouse or children will need to own their own piece of Scotland to have their own title. (Even with the larger family plots.)


I am not British. Can I still buy land?

Yes you can. Scottish land can be purchased by anyone of any nationality. If you wish to move to Scotland, owning land here will not help you with obtaining a visa or residency rights. But you are free to visit and enjoy your land as the legal owner and Laird, Lord or Lady of your small Estate.


Is there an age limit?

Because the land is transferred by Deed, anyone can own a plot and have a title!  This is a very popular Christening gift, so buy for anyone of any age with confidence. But be sure to place your orders for multiple plots at the same time to assure that your plots are side by side.



Note: This courtesy title should not be confused with a Noble Title such as those which are conferred by the Queen on the advice of her ministers. "Laird" is not now nor has ever been a Noble title. It is simply a dignity given to a person through the courtesy of others who acknowledge their status as the owner of a Scottish estate. But why not have a wee bit of fun at parties etc. when you are proudly announced as "Lord and Lady so and so - owners of an estate in the Scottish Highlands." The land itself is marketable real estate - you really and truly will own a wee piece of dear old Scotland.




Visiting your Highland Estate

“Take only photographs, leave only footprints”


As a new Scottish landowner, we welcome you to visit your land whenever you wish - directions will be in your packet of documents. The land is yours to use however you wish. We would encourage you to plant a tree (preferably native Scottish) and perhaps place a commemorative plaque.  You may wish to scatter the ashes of a loved one or simply have your photograph taken.  Feel free to visit with your friends and stay a while. In summer, the riverbank is the perfect spot for a picnic and from the top of the hill the views are breathtaking.  Feel free to camp anywhere on the Estate, but please follow the country code and leave no litter.  Also remember that river fishing is private (though you may fish in the Loch.) Keep in mind too that it is illegal to pick wild flowers on the entire Estate.


    Buy Land in Scotland


*The Estate's conservation objectives are: "To protect ancient and semi-natural woodlands and open-ground habitats; to upgrade non-native conifer plantations to new native broad leaf plantings; and to protect these conserved lands from ever being developed."




Buy Land in Scotland


There are no land taxes in Scotland and absolutely no other costs associated with buying or owning this land. Public liability insurance is maintained over the entire Estate. You have no further expense to pay after the initial purchase price.


There is also no requirement to register your land because it is defined as a “souvenir plot”. Unlike in England, Scotland permits the sale of souvenir plots of land under contract law. By using contract law these small plots of land can be sold without the expense of registration, which if required would make this conservation project uneconomical. You will receive a copy of the Certificate of Sale in your document pack. It confirms that ownership has been transferred to you..



How to Order your Scottish Estate

Sunspring Properties LLC is a BBB Accredited For
Sale By Owner Real Estate Company in St George, UT


SunSpring Properties is an A+ Accredited Member of the USA Better Business Bureau.

We have priced the 100 square foot plots at $ each, and the 1,000 square foot family plots at $ each - plus $ per plot for processing and shipping the Deed Package to you. (Keep in mind that only one Laird, Lord, or Lady title comes with each site, regardless of size.)

These little Scottish estates make wonderful gifts. For each plot you buy you will be sent directly from the Estate in Scotland a high quality, full color, gift folder containing all your documentsThe land can be passed along in Wills for generations, even sold.


All orders received from the same person within a few minutes of any other order will be deeded side by side - making a larger piece of contiguous land for family and friends to visit, take photos, camp on, and enjoy perhaps for generations to come.


Please note that we offer owner financing on all our USA land, but not on land in Scotland. Also, on these small Scottish estates, we do not issue refunds - all sales are final.

You can buy your Scottish Highlands estate with your credit card or bank account from almost anywhere in the world using the convenient PayPal form below. Click the form more than once to buy more than one plot. If you leave the box blank we will deed the land to the person making the payment.

How to Buy 100 Square Foot Plots - $

Before clicking the PayPal button, in the box above it, type the name and title you want on the deed.


For example: "Lord John Hancock" or "Lady Esther Jocasta Hancock")

Select Option 2 to add $10 and have your Document Package gift wrapped - type a personal message in the box if desired.



How to Buy 1,000 Square Foot Family Plots - $

Before clicking the PayPal button, in the box above it, type the name and title you want on the deed.


For example: "Lord John Hancock" or "Lady Esther Jocasta Hancock")

Select Option 2 to add $10 and have your Document Package gift wrapped - type a personal message in the box if desired.

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Award of Arms


As a Laird or Lord with land in Scotland, you are entitled to use this magnificent Heraldic Achievement, our Registered Arms. This beautifully presented and fully personalized "Award of Arms" confirms that we have bestowed upon you the right to bear Arms. The Award of Arms also confirms your right to use the title Laird (Lord) or Lady and records the location and extent of your Scottish estates.

Made to be displayed, this parchment is almost 12in by 17in and will grace any wall.


Purchase land at the links above and you will be provided with an online catalog of personalized items you can order separately.



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